You are a member of God’s family in Christ!


Ephesians 2:19Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.


Some time back we explored who we are in Christ. Now we have to take it to the next level, which is seeing ourselves as part of the family of God in Christ, and seeing and honouring Christ in others. It is ignorance to think you are the only child of God and the only one going to heaven. God has many children. Statistics tell us that there are over 500 million spirit filled Christians in the world today. Thank God!

But from experience I have noticed that many believers, who know that others are born again and filled with the same Holy Spirit, despise and look down on them as if they have another Jesus and belong to a higher Kingdom. This ought not to be so. Remember, in Mark 9:38-40 the disciples informed Jesus that they saw someone casting out devils in His name and they stopped the person. He told them not to because “He that is not against us is for us.”

And this is true in this case. We are always praying for souls to be won but when we meet other believers we act as if we are more saved than they are. Accepted, there may be differences in opinion on certain subjects but as long as they are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit all other things will work out. It’s only a matter of time and wisdom.

God wants to show himself strong through all his body, that is all his children, not just a part but all of the body of Christ. I challenge you today to begin to see and honour Christ in others just as you want them to honour Christ in you. Honour the grace of God on other people and mean it. This will lead to more manifestations of the power of God in your midst. The more we recognise Jesus Christ in one another and embrace each other’s gifting and divine abilities in Christ the glory of God will fill the house of God and there will be no more lack or want in our midst.

Further reading

1 John 3:1-2, Galatians 4:6


Personal declaration for the day

I honour the grace of God on other Christians and I love them as Christ loves me. I receive grace to get along with difficult Christians and those with different opinions in Jesus’ name.

Questions for you to reflect on

Do you know you are not the only child of God?

How do you relate to other Christians?