Yes We Can Through Christ

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13I have the strength to face all conditions by thepower that Christ gives me. (Good News Translations)

“YES WE CAN” was the slogan paraded during one the presidential campaigns in the United States and he went on to become the first African American president and I say good for him and great for the history books. But I have some reservations about living my daily life solely on a motivation bite size or slogan because the Bible declares that man shall “….live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”. Note, the Bible did not say ‘some’ word but ‘every’ word.

YES WE CAN, but only through Christ who strengthens us. No man can live in consistent victory without a constant divine supply of strength. God created heaven and earth by His word and He created us in His image and after His likeness. He planned for us to rule and reign in life through Christ. I have encountered a number of people who have taken to motivational words but, without Christ, I noted that after a series of disappointments and opposition they became tired, jaded and lost hope. The reason for this kind of situation is because their source of strength was faulty and limited. Friend, when your destination is not on the location map you carry, then you need a more elaborate and comprehensive pathfinder. If Christ is not your source of strength then when the going gets tough you will find yourself confused, deluded and contemplating a lot of things. You don’t need mere words, what you need is the word of Christ in high dosage to be able to face and triumph over the challenges of life.

It is the Christ in us that makes the difference. The Christ factor is it. You should be able to differentiate between motivation, inspiration and revelation. The revelation of Christ makes you invincible. God told Moses when He sent him to free the people of Israel from four hundred and thirty years of Pharaohs bondage, “I have made you a god unto Pharaoh”. It takes revelation and knowledge of God’s word in the light of Christ for anyone of us to become a god over situations.

I want you to make a quality decision to anchor your life on God’s word and its provision. Our true worth is in Christ. It is the revelation of who we are in Christ that truly makes an individual a force to reckon with. Life is not meant to be a survival story but a triumphant celebration. From today, when you hear a buzz word or motivational bite-size make sure it is rooted and provided for in God’s word or else it will pass away as it came in the face of adversity.

Further reading

Matthew 24:35, Colossians 3:16

Personal declaration for the day

My faith rests in the word of Christ; therefore Ii will not be disappointed. In Christ I have every blessing and I can do all things in Jesus’ name. Amen

Questions for you to reflect on

On what does your faith rest?

How often do you refresh yourself in God’s word?