The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God. Romans 8:16.

While most people will love to believe that they are being led by the Spirit, most will admit that sometimes they experience feelings of uncertainty in their belly when it comes to certain aspects of their lives.

This is clearly a symptom of lack of a strong sense of direction. We will always be confronted by the need to decide, to chose, to act and often times, a whole lot will depend on the aftermath of the choices, decisions and steps we take.

This is why as believers who are heaven bound but earthly relevant, we need to understand how to conduct our lives under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. This gives us the freedom to follow through on any course of action we take. When we are being driven by the conviction of the Spirit, we take giant strides in the direction of our dreams and visions, but where we lack this all important conviction, we tend to be hesitant, faltering, unsure and uncoordinated.

An ordinary idea becomes a winning one when it’s laced with the force of the Holy Ghost’s conviction. You cannot afford to be doing “play along” all your life as a Christian. You must find the conviction of the Spirit for all that you do. When you have this conviction, you will not need to depend on human acknowledgement or assurance before you move.

“Okay, okay… how do I walk in this conviction you talk about?” someone may ask.

First, allow the Holy Spirit to minister to your heart. This happens during fellowship with Him where you take the initiative of ministering to the Spirit. He reciprocates by ministering back to you in your heart…The Spirit beareth witness with our spirit… Every time you fellowship with the Spirit, your Spirit-Conviction grows stronger. Now you will understand why some Christians always seem to be confused people. They simply are not people of conviction, they just play along.

Secondly, you must continue to meditate on God’s word. Remember … in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. I Cor 13:1.

When the voice of the Spirit in your life finds a foundation in God’s word, then you become unstoppable. At that point, your conviction begins to grow wings and ready to fly. Meditating on the word not only adds flesh to Spirit-Conviction, it sharpens it giving ability to cut through any circumstance. Meditating extensively in the word nourishes your conviction and makes you fit to go the whole yard.

Thirdly, you must move. Conviction can easily mutate into confusion where it is not given due expression. When you move under the conviction of the Spirit, you experience success which further reinforces the conviction that caused you to move in the first place. The ultimate proof of the existence of Spirit-Conviction is the attendant actions that play out consistently from the life of a believer. When you move, you invite the Holy Spirit for an even more life-changing encounter. Imagine how rewarding life can be. Just imagine!

In the recent time, I have paid more attention to ministering to the Holy Spirit and friend; it has been paying great returns. So friend, are you going to continue to play along or are you going to dive in to the wave of the Spirit?

The Holy Ghost does not lead by compulsion, only by conviction.


For further Study

Galatians 5:25.

Personal declaration for the day

Today, I will catch the wave of the Holy Spirit and live with divine conviction.

Questions for you to reflect on

· How confident are you about your walk with God?