Tips on Favour

To attract God’s favour:Walk in forgiveness.

Speak and expect it daily.

Sow favour.

Reasons why people lose favour

In general:Lack of integrity; not keeping your word.

Being rude and pushy.

Having a negative attitude.

Dressing and grooming badly.


At work:Always being late and never early.

Using work time for soul winning.

Complaining about your boss.

Having a negative attitude.

At church:Not paying your tithes.

Gossiping about the pastor.

Not following through with commitments

Insisting on your own way.

In relationships:Being ungrateful.

Taking people for granted.

Always thinking of yourself first.

Holding a grudge.

At school:Not studying or doing homework.

Not obeying the rules.

For Further Study

Proverbs 18:24, Acts 6:3


Personal declaration for the day

Today, I receive the wisdom of God to multiply the favour of God in my life.

Questions for you to reflect on

Can you recollect anytime when you missed out on favour?

How did you correct your mistake?