The value of prayer

Jeremiah 33:3Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

In the following paragraphs I will highlight some of the reasons why we should pray and why prayer is important-:

Prayer is important because that is how we can give God the legal right to intervene in our case. In the beginning, God gave the earth to Adam but at the fall, Adam gave the earth to the devil and committed high treason. As a result, Satan became the god of this world and gained dominion over mankind. Jesus came to pay the price for our sins; He took everything back from the devil, restored man back to a relationship with God and anyone who accepted Jesus as their Lord and saviour received the power and authority that Adam lost at the fall. While the devil is still the god of sinners and the world system, he is not our god and cannot lord it over us. Therefore, for God to operate legally on earth a man has to invite him in. The process of invitation is what we call prayer. So without prayer, God’s intervention is delayed and denied among men.

It is important to pray because God commands it of us so that we will not fall into temptation. Prayer is important to stop the works of the wicked among us.

Prayer is important because Jesus, our great example, prayed frequently. You will note that Jesus had both private and public prayer life. He prayed when He was alone and He prayed when He was with His disciples and the multitude to bring God on the scene.

Prayer is important because we build our spiritual defence and stamina through this exercise.

Prayer is a dialogue not a monologue. Prayer is important because it creates an opportunity for us to enter fellowship with and hear from God and get divine guidance in our daily operations.

We need to pray to enforce the will and kingdom of God on earth. Prayer is important because it will create an avenue to intercede for others and save them from judgment and destruction.

Through prayer we express worship and praise to God. Prayer is the one means through which we connect the next generation to God. I am so grateful that my mother and father taught me how to pray from a very young age and as result I developed a divine connection with God so that any problem I faced God became my first point of call. I believe the greatest inheritance any parent can pass down to their children is a culture of divine connection with God through prayer.

A person without expertise in the art of prayer is really treading on dangerous ground and living with a major loss in life. Prayer helps your intimacy with God and reinforces your confidence. For example, when your prayer is answered you have confidence to pray the next time and thereby draw closer to God.

For Further Study

Luke 18:1; Matthew 6:8-13

Personal declaration for the day

Have divine connection and access to God in prayers.

Questions for you to reflect on

On what basis do you present your prayer request?

Is prayer a pain or pleasure to you?