The Value of Godly Character

Matthew 7:20Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Your behaviour and character show what you truly believe – As you are aware we are triune in nature. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body. People make contact with our body but they hardly know the spirit person that lives on the inside. Therefore they are left to make decisions about us based on their experience of the character we manifest.

Everyone and everything is described by their qualities. These qualities serve as a pointer or determinant of the values of the person they are trying to evaluate. It serves as an indication of the real person on the inside. No matter how much we tell people we are godly, it is our character that really serves as proof that we really are who we claim we are to the people around us. Remember, we live in an evidence based world. One of the ways we relate is through our character.

Your character is your fruit. The part of the tree we mostly partake of is the fruit. The part of you that people partake of is your character. You hear people say ‘I enjoy being around that person’, this is because the person’s character appeals to them and make them comfortable. For example, when people want to give you a reference they use their experience of you as their basis for judgment and assessment. If you are a lovely, bubbly, reliable and truthful person to them they glean this from your behaviour towards them. Our character is a factor in our relationships that determines the outcome of every relationship.

Our character affects people’s opinion about God because we are His representative – God will become popular or unpopular through our character. The way we behave tells people about God; after all we are His children. They say a fruit does not fall far from the tree. While God is all powerful, the people’s opinion about God largely depends on our character around people. Yes, we are responsible to make God popular. That is the great commission.

Your character is a connection or disconnection point for the people with you – Your gift and calling create a platform for you with people but your character connects or disconnects them from you. We have heard people say, ‘she is very gifted but her character stinks’. Talent is therefore not enough, character is a big issue. Ethics is at the forefront of organisations in the world today partly because of the current banking crisis and partly because it is a factor that determines the longevity of organisations. Any organisation based on profit without addressing character will always end in crisis. Friend, can you remember how many people have lost opportunities with you because of their poor character? When you taste a fruit and you find it is sour what do you do with it? Through the fruit of the spirit we sweeten our taste in the mouth of the people that partake of our character.

For Further Study

James 2:24, 26; Philippians 2:19-22

Personal declaration for the day

I will align my actions to God’s Word and form godly habits; I will align my habits with God’s Word and build a godly character.

Questions for you to reflect on

When do you get to get your next promotion?

What steps are you taking to develop and improve your character?