Job 36:11 – If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.

Today, we will explore the stewardship of Jesus Christ as our example of Godly stewardship. Man-made stewardship is slavery, manipulative and exploitative and most of the time entails humiliation by force. But Godly stewardship is voluntary and an act of willful service. In Christ we are now the children of God and not servants but we become stewards by choice but out of our love for God not by force or fear of disaster. God is not looking for those to threaten or enslave he is looking for people who will serve him willingly out of love. God does not want you to serve him as a payment for past mistakes but as a gesture of gratitude for who he is, all he has done for you and your love relationship with Him.

Our Lord Jesus Christ shared equality with God yet he was ready to undertake a rather lowly task in order to bring God’s agenda to pass. After close examination I observed that before he became the lowest, of the lowest. He first had a mindset of consecration then humility . Secondly, He laid aside his divine status, thirdly he took the form of a bondservant, fourthly he took the status of human being, fifthly he became obedient to death and sixthly he became obedient to an accursed death (death on the cross). He did all to fulfill the plan of God and bring us salvation.

Friends, that is practical humility and stewardship at its very best.


For Further Study

Philippians 2:3-16


Personal declaration for the day

I will bring God glory in my lifestyle and my daily transactions. I will not allow God and His word become common to me. I will ignite a new dimension of dedication and respect for the things of God. I will be an example of faithful steward in all that I do. so help me God.


Questions for you to reflect on

Are you an example of humility in your dealings?

How do you relate with people under your supervision?