The Stewardship of Jesus Christ – Part 2

There are seven levels of humble stewardship that Christ showed us. They include a mindset of consecration to humility though He was equal with God. Secondly, laying aside His divine status, thirdly, making Himself of no reputation, fourth, taking the form of a bondservant, fifth, taking the status of a human being, sixth, becoming obedient to death and seventh, dying an accursed death (death on the cross).

The fourth level of Godly stewardship mirrored by Christ Jesus was taking the form of a bondservant. Please note, a difference exists between a servant and a bondservant. A servant in the context of this scripture is a person that was bought in an open market by a rich person from a slave trader. Therefore, making the person a product and not a normal human being. In actual fact the servant becomes the possession of the buyer until such time as the servant is bought by another person or redeemed by a close relative (kinsman redeemer) at a price stated by the current owner

The fifth level of stewardship that led to the exaltation of Christ is taking the status of man. He stepped down from being supernatural to become natural; He came down from being extraordinary to become ordinary. The bible records that He became poor so that through His poverty we might become rich. He did everything possible to make our salvation possible. He did the impossible to make our victory a reality. Friends, stewardship requires giving up what is valuable and precious to you, to do what is precious to God and then He will in return reward you. Friends, you can write your ticket with God because a labourer is worthy of his wage.

The sixth level of Godly stewardship that Christ mirrored was becoming obedient to death and the seventh is dying an accursed death on the cross. Friends, death is an enemy of God and man. The bible declared that it is the last enemy to be destroyed. Jesus Christ faced death for us. He made your enemy His enemy to make heaven our final home. He went to hell for us so that we would not have to go to hell. He became a curse by dying on the cross so that you will be blessed. God seeing all these decided to exalt Him and gave Him a name above every name.

Friends, it is this kind of stewardship that gets God’s attention and provokes outstanding blessing. We need to die to self and put God’s vision above our ambition. I observed that as I think about what to do for God and engage in His business, He always looks after me beyond and above what I could have achieved by myself. Yes we are saved by grace and the blessings of Abraham are ours but there is still more to enjoy if you enroll and become a serving son or daughter. There is place in the kingdom for outstanding performance. Friends, I encourage you to choose to become a vessel unto honour in the hand of God.

For Further Study

2 Timothy 2:20-22, 1 Corinthians 3:12-15


Personal declaration for the day

My stewardship will get God’s attention and provoke outstanding blessing


Questions for you to reflect on

Do you often put others first before yourself?

When last did you enjoy God’s blessings?