God’s will can be brought to light in our lives if the place of our man of God is allowed to blossom. This happens when we receive him (our man of God) as the agent of change that brings the anointed word sent by God through him to deliver us. I do not mean that we cannot receive from God directly neither do I claim that we do not have the power within us, what I declare is that with the help of your man of God, teaching you and showing you the way, your answers come faster, better and clearer.  Some of us have prayed and fasted about some things in our lives for a long time, and it seems that the answers will not come.

We have even dug deep into the Bible seriously searching for those answers, still they seem far to reach. Do you know that in most of these cases that it’s only a FACTOR that is missing? – ‘your man of God.’  The Bible says,’ and by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.’ Hosea 12:13. Your man of God is your lifeline to the spiritual reservoir of the abundance of God.

We need to learn to place a demand on the anointing of our man of God. So many of us just dance to the tunes of situations, lamenting and regretting in the process, proceeding with mere natural thinking and refusing to engage our man of God. Some of us don’t even want him to know some things about us. An African proverb says, ‘How could you hide and cover your body from the person that will give you your bath?’

You need your man of God to bring you out because there is something God has put upon him that he will use to command those issues. He is the one with the word of the season. He is the one sent to use his anointing to break your yoke. He is the one that will even see farther than what meets the eyes. He is the one who can take you out of your predicaments and set you on that track that has been divinely designed for you. The weight that God has put on his words is strong enough to depress and repress the challenging power of the enemy.

The Bible says,’…Believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established; believe his prophets, so shall you prosper.’ 2 Chronicles 20:20c. You believe in God and that means you are established and that is great, but a lot of us do not REALLY believe in our man of God, but you have to believe him (the prophet, your man of God) to prosper! So what do you do? You have to go to your man of God and be expectant before he speaks and that he has the power from God on the issues of your life. You have to believe His declarations and those declarations must be firmly held on to as you hear them. In other words, obey to do those things as appropriately as you are told to. Whether from the pulpit or personal contact, his words still have great potency!

At times people kick against the word and the will of God simply because they do not see nor understand the big picture. This big picture is what God reveals to your man of God.  With this vision, he guides you in the right path that will take you to your ultimate destiny.

There are some things you will never achieve until you receive some pronunciation from your man of God. This may seem too out of reality but for those whose perspectives are spiritual, this is the way forward. I pray God will give everyone of us the deep understanding into his secrets that give progress to the lives of men.

Our man of God came around recently, and before he came, I was expectant to receive a word through him from God. He declared and I received and I am basking in wonderful testimonies right now. I believed and I ran with his declarations which produced excellent results for me! You too could experience the same if you believe and obey your man of God.

Start believing, receiving, obeying and following your man of God!


For further Study

Hosea 12:14, Chronicles 20:20

Personal declaration for the day

I will believe, honour and receive my man and woman of God.

Questions for you to reflect on

Do you honour and value your man and woman of God?