The Power of confession

Proverbs 18:21Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.


Our words rule us. Our thoughts determine our words. Our entire life is a product of words that were proclaimed over us or spoken by us. The word ‘confession’ is from a Greek word ‘homologia’; homo, meaning same and logos meaning words. Together they mean same words. In this case, saying the same words that God says.

There are two types of confession: there is the confession of one’s fault and sins to obtain forgiveness. The second is the confession of God’s word over our lives to activate them in our lives. The subject of this write up is the latter: confession of God’s word.

This confession is not just merely saying God’s word but first you have to get the word into your spirit through meditation in order to bring it alive and make it real to you personally.

Many people confess the word to copy what others are saying and to sound and appear spiritual but they don’t get any result. The reason for this, in some cases, is because the word they are confessing is not yet living inside them. With that in mind true confession starts in the heart. Please be aware that we have ‘two mouths’, our inner mouth and our outer mouth. The inner and the outer mouth must agree before your confession can produce for you. The inner mouth is the voice of your thoughts and reasoning. What you think longest becomes your conviction. If you keep thinking you are cursed, after a while you will begin to say it out. And as a result you attract troubles and stop the flow of blessings. Every word that comes out of our mouth must have first been spoken inside us at one time or another. Friend, watch your words because our words rule us.

The first place you have to work on is your inner self. You need to put an abundance of God’s word and promises into you and then it will begin to overflow out of your mouth and change your world. Words created the world we live in therefore only words can recreate them.

I encourage you to go back to the basics and start to fill yourself with the word of God in abundance until it begins to come out of your mouth naturally. I don’t memorise scriptures, I meditate them. After continuous meditation, the word becomes living both in my spirit and in my memory. Whenever I am praying in tongues I allow scriptures to go through my mind and in the process I enrich both my mind and my emotions. I have CDs of both the New and the Old Testament that I play in my car, I have messages on my phones that I listen to in order to keep my thoughts in line. This in turn keeps my confession in life. Friend, to live a victorious life you need to give earnest heed to what you meditate on in order to control your confession because our confessions rule us.

Further reading

Ecclesiastes 5:6, Mark 11:23, Romans 10:8-9


Personal declaration for the day

I will meditate on God’s promises for me, I will declare them in faith and I will get my desired results in Jesus’ name.

Questions for you to reflect on

Take an inventory of your favourite words and phrases? Take a minute to think about their usefulness.

How many of those words depict the future you want?

The inventory shows what you really believe and expect.

Take an inventory of what you often hear and think, what do you observe?

You will see that your thought life and favourite words and phrases have the same theme.