Matthew 18:20

“… for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

In my years of living and meeting different people both great and small one thing that is common with all of them is that they face problems from time to time. It is their reaction to the problems that determines if they advance or retreat because problems when they remain stop progress and when removed advancement is inevitable.

God having this in mind provided a way out for us, so that our progress will not be hindered. And the tool he has chosen is our faith. In the kingdom of God we will rise and keep rising based solely on our faith in God and His word. What you are not convinced of by faith you cannot possess. Faith is the victory! 1 John 5:4.

From the above scriptures it is clear that through faith in God we can remove mountains, be it mountains of debt, marital problems, unemployment, financial hardship, family loss, academic struggles, the list goes on and on. The faith I am talking about is not mental assent or assert, mental agreement that God can do it, or empty confession based on what others said or are saying. It is based on your personal conviction received from meditating on relevant verses in the word of God that you have victory over all circumstances.

I remember years ago I had a particular skin rash, when the attack comes it itches and forms a terrible patch on my body. Then I found the above scripture and I began to meditate on it and then I began to confess my healing based on my personal meditation of that scripture. At first the rash appeared to be adamant and deaf to all my commands but I refused to be deterred, because I knew if I stood my ground the devil would shift his ground. One day after about six months when I had even forgotten about it I just remembered to check my body and the skin rash had left and never returned.

You may say but that’s no big deal, I need an immediate solution but the same faith that removed skin rash will remove your financial, spiritual and material rash if you follow the process I demonstrated above. Remember it is not what you know that delivers you from trouble, it what you do with what you know.

For further Study

Mark 11:22-23,, 1John 5:4,

Questions for you to reflect on

Where lies your faith , in what you see or in the promises of God?

Personal declaration for the day

Say this out loud – “Because I ‘m a child of God I have the God kind of faith therefore I will get results like God. I believe that I receive open doors. Doors of greatness and promotions are opened to me and I do not lack any good thing. I will keep the faith and be disciplined. I will not beg or borrow rather I will be a blessing to others. Every door of blessing that was closed against me shall be open right in Jesus mighty name. I shall be above only and never be beneath. No more losses, no more delays and no more failure in Jesus name. Amen.”