The Enemies of Vision Part 2

Disobedience and lack of discipline

Hebrews 8:5 – “….as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. For He said, “See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”

Friend, we cannot ignore God’s instructions and think there will be no consequences. He that breaks the hedge, him shall the serpent bite. Whatever a person sows they will surely reap. If you disregard the pattern that God has set for your life, you will suffer defeat. Consistency at following God’s plan is called ‘discipline’. Yes, God has a great vision for us and the vision holds a great future but we forfeit it if we do things our way and refuse to make the required adjustments. Always revisit the master plan and check that what you are doing is in line; if not make the necessary adjustments. From time to time, I check what I am doing against the vision that God has given me and I realign myself wherever and whenever necessary because I don’t want to block my progress. Please be aware that every vision comes with a responsibility. The vision of God for my life places some conditions on me and as I take up my responsibility my vision attracts provision for me.

Pride and distraction

Lamentation 3:37 – Who is he who speaks and it comes to pass; When the Lord has not commanded it?

Pride is one of the major blessing blockers and destroyers of vision. When you think you are too big to humble yourself and follow God’s plan then you are in for a lot of unpleasant surprises. One of the kinds of attitudes that God hates is pride and that includes pride in Christians. Pride is simply taking the stance that your ways are better and preferable to God’s way. We may not say it out loud but our actions show it. You have to be careful not to be carried away by what is in vogue; rather you should stick with what God has commanded you. I love and respect what God has told other ministries to do but I see what God tells this ministry to do as the greatest thing to me. I will not abandon my primary assignment for a secondary one. One of the reasons why a Christian can fail in life is when he goes outside of God’s given vision in pursuit of another vision that God has not assigned to him. May you not run when God has not commanded it. The cure to this is to stick with what God has told you to do and be satisfied with it. Do not be distracted. See God’s vision for you as the best for you, nothing more and nothing less.

For Further Study

Isaiah 1:19-20; Jeremiah 6:16

Personal declaration for the day

I will maximise my full potential and will not yield to distractions.

Questions for you to reflect on

Name the foremost challenges you have faced in the process of accomplishing your vision?

What did you learn from them?