Hindrances of the Anointing – Part 2

In Acts 8:18-21, a Man named ‘Simon’, offered the Apostles money in exchange for the transfer of God’s power. He was however rebuked by Peter.
It is noteworthy to point out that, Simon’s reason for wanting the anointing was for manifestation, and not for a relationship with

Because we all have so many things happening in our lives, it is easy to get in the ‘Cruise control mode’.
Many Christians, leaders included are in ‘Spiritual cruise control’.
Our spiritual activities become so common to us, that we can switch off and on easily.

As a pastor, I have to caution myself each time I study the bible, as I get tempted to focus on how I will preach it at service or to that person. I was no longer been fed, I was getting it to give it, not getting it to feed me.
If you can learn to keep our hunger for God; for the sake of communion with him, and not mainly for the manifestation, then you will be a constant carrier of His presence.

2nd Kings 4:29-35
In the above scripture, Elisha sent Gehazi, his servant to put his staff on a dead child of the Shunamite Woman, believing the child will be raised to life. However, that miracle did not happen till Elijah went in person.
Was the staff anointed? Yes! But Gehazi, the servant was disconnected.

There is an anointing upon, which is for ministry, and an anointing within, which is for you.
Many know how to handle the anointing upon, yet have no clue on how to manage that within.
King Solomon was an anointed King, that ruled so well, but his personal life was nothing to write home about.
Why? Because he could not differentiate between the anointing within, and that upon.
What it takes to develop the anointing within, is different from what it takes to sustain the one upon.

Phillipians 3:13
Paul did not turn his great achievements into monuments.
You have to keep reaching.
When you wake up in the morning, always go to God empty that you may leave Him full.

You can hinder the anointing by association.
Watch the people you hang around.
If their first quest is always the achievement, be careful.
No one can determine how intimate your relationship with God is except you.

Friends, the secret of sustaining your relationship with God is to ensure you never forget the basics; the basics never grow old.
Go back to that time when you first caught the fire.
Never lose that!!!!

Remember, you are not a biological accident, but a creature of destiny.
-Pastor Solomon Aroboto.