How to Activate the Anointing – Part 2

Hunger for more of God.
You need to be hungry for God, and walk in the company of people hungry for Him.
Psalm 119:63
You need to know what God wants you to do, and be hungry for what God will do through you, and not what He will do through other people.
Hunger can be misconstrued.
You might be praying for God to use you the way He uses another person, but what if that is not how He wishes to use you?
The way God uses one man of God differs from the way he uses another.
The day you discover what God has called you to do, and stick to it, is the day you begin to make impact, and no one will be able to match you.
If you are not sensitive and smart enough to know what God wants you to do, you will be a subordinate to
other people.
Has God told you to do it that way?
The kingdom of God is full of diversity, know your strong point.

Hebrews 1:9
Righteousness is to hate iniquity and wickedness.
When you hate what God hates, i.e “Sickness, poverty, depression”, you will activate and provoke the anointing.
The reason the anointing is not flowing in the lives of some is because they are willingly ready to comply with, and manage what God hates.
Refuse to be intimidated, you will not be molested in Jesus Name.
It is your turn.

When you spend time giving God true worship, you will activate the anointing.
2nd Kings 3:15.

Friends, I pray the anointing will find expression in all areas of your lives in Jesus Name.

Remember, you are not a biological accident, but a creature of destiny.
-Pastor Solomon Aroboto.