MAY 15

Psalm 100:5 – For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.


A very interesting definition of appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.  Thanksgiving to God is definitely a show of appreciation. But let’s break it down, like this definition says ‘recognition of the good qualities of someone or something. Saying Thank you to God in itself is great, but mostly, our ” Thank you” is based on the magnitude or the enormousness of the blessing. We thank God based on what we have received, what we will enjoy, and all the good things that the blessing brings with it.

Should you be happy about what you will enjoy? Absolutely! But beyond appreciation for the good things that come with blessings, should be ‘recognition’ of the one who made it possible, the one who can do much more, appreciating God’s abilities, not from the standpoint of what he has done, but from that of his greatness. I believe that if one thank God based one how much he blesses us, we will run out of ways to say thank you, there will be a time a blessing so enormous will come, that it will leave us dumbfounded,  and also if a blessing which we consider small, comes our way, we would most likely reduce the tempo of thanks giving. You can never go wrong when you appreciate God just for who he is. Saying thank you to God is also saying I appreciate you, not for the blessings, but for who you are.

For further study:

1 Thessalonians 3:9-10

Personal declaration for the day:

Lord  Jesus, I will continually appreciate you for you.

Questions for you to reflect on:

Do you appreciate all that God brings your way, no matter how small?