When I was a child, my mother taught me that anytime she or anyone gives me something, I should say THANK-YOU. So it became my habit since then even after every meal, I and my siblings would always say thank you, to mum and dad for giving us food.

I didn’t know the essence of showing that much appreciation until I grew up and realized.  I always long to do more when anyone tells me thank you especially with all sincerity and charisma.

When we give thanks to God, It makes God do beyond our expectation because He inhabits the praise of His people. When we thank God for what he is yet to do, it makes Him do it faster and when we thank him for what he has done, he releases more than enough because only our thanks can move God, not our complaints.

At work, I had called our office assistant that I needed her to come help me with my tea-cup but she didn’t get the message correctly. She rather said “oh thank you ma with absolute trust” I wondered what she thought I said. When she got to me, I didn’t only hand over the cup, I also gave her some money because I was moved by her thanks. That ministered to me that,” that is how God feels each time we give him thanks”. He just blesses us.

The bible recommends that in all things, we should give thanks. Either in good or bad times, because all things surely work together for our good because we love the Lord, and are called according to his good will and purpose.

God loves us so much and he actually deserves our Thanks. Let us find every reason to thank him so He can rain down His great blessings on us.


For further study:

Psalm 28:7, Psalm 69:30, 1Chronicles 16:8, 1Chronicles 16:34, Psalm 34: 1, Psalm 100: 4, Jonah 2: 9, 1Thessalonian 5:18.

Personal declaration for the day:

I rejoice because I know, God will turn my mourning into dancing.

Question to reflect on:

How would I feel if I am not appreciated?