Taking responsibility is key to personal development

Proverbs 22:29Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

Friend, as you are aware that nobody gets to the top of Mount Everest by accident except by deliberate action, so too personal development is the outcome of a deliberate act of taking responsibility. Years ago when I got the call into ministry I saw that the assignment that God gave me was enormous. Even though I am anointed, I knew and accepted the fact that I lacked the required skills and training to pull off an excellent job by myself and that, without relevant development, I could not get the job done. So I took it upon myself to find a practising minister in the area of my calling that I would have access to his materials and ministry. I began to think and ask myself what I needed to operate a successful ministry apart from money. Every time I met with him I asked questions. (Note – I have never asked for money for ministry from him). I took careful note of what he said and adjusted the information to my ministry to meet the needs of the people that God sent me. I have continued this process for years and I have also increased my information sources as I make new discoveries. It takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, time and determination but it pays a great dividend every time.

I am a town planner by training. When I got to Ireland one of my first actions was to find a body that represented town planners in Ireland and join them in order to be accredited. I found them but I was told my degree couldn’t be accredited because it lacked some academic elements required by them. I enquired what I could do to meet their requirements and was told I would have to embark on another degree that was accredited by them. I did and I finally got my accreditation four years later. Years later, I discovered that if I had not gotten the accreditation I would have lost an opportunity for promotion and possibly my current employment. Friend, there is no sight like foresight.

I have told you my stories to let you know that no matter the prophecy on your life or the promises you are standing on, to actualise any of them you need personal development to match. You need to take the responsibility to find out and acquire the relevant information for the path God has chosen for you either in ministry or career and focus on it. I am a lifelong student and I always have a desire to learn things that will improve my skill in my field of endeavour, be it ministry, marriage, planning or anything that will position for me for greatness.

From the above scripture, one of the ways to avoid shame and degradation in your life is to study. You need references to become a reference. Every teacher was first a student. There is no born teacher, there are only trained teachers. So be an ardent student of God’s word and the career path you have chosen. Be a master at it.

Another tool of responsibility is diligence. You need to do things with care and effort not anyhow. Be known as a diligent person in all you do. Take notes because what you do not record you cannot retrieve. Paul the Apostle in the above scripture placed a great value on note taking and keeping. Value notes, keep them and go over them again.

Another area of responsibility is to fight for what you believe and desire. You cannot be crowned a victor folding your hands. It is very sad that among many spirit filled believers hard work is deemed a curse but God Himself worked seven days to create His dream world and Jesus said “my father work hitherto” so summon up the courage and pull a fight to accomplish your goals. Remember, we are commanded to watch and pray not to pray only. I see you rise above the shadows in Jesus’ mighty name.

Further reading

Philippians 2:12, 2Timothy 4:13, 2Timothy 2:15, Daniel 9:2, Deuteronomy 2:24


Personal declaration for the day

I will take responsibility and do my part and then God will do His part. Together with God I win.

Questions for you to reflect on

Do you know that the sense of responsibility is key to success?

What responsibility are you taking to ensure you succeed?