There are two friends who both share the dream of acquiring their own properties, they work in the same establishment and are on the same salary scale. They both started this journey together and began to save towards their goals. Their target is to at least acquire a four bedroom bungalow at an estimated value of Ten Million naira and based on their present income level, they will need to save for at least 10 years to achieve this objective.

For the purpose of this article, let us identify the friends as Brother A and B. Brother A is a diligent saver and within 5yrs was able to save about 30% of the required cost. His organization helped him to secure a Mortgage and in the sixth year he acquired the property.

Brother B like his friend was also diligent with his savings, after two years he realized he had saved 15% of the required sum. While he was still thinking of how to achieve his objective, he accidentally came across an old friend of his who was planning to relocate and coincidentally owns a five bedroom duplex and was willing to let it go at a ridiculous price of five million naira because of time constraint. They struck a deal got a mortgage and in Two years Brother B owned a duplex.

The point in the above story is this, the two friends achieved their desired objectives to own properties right? Going by the definition of success as achieving a desired end, we conclude that they both succeeded. However in both cases, success becomes relative, as both achieved their objectives at different times and at different levels. This is where the word SUPERNATURAL SUCCESS comes to play. You can read in between the lines and decide among these two cases the one you prefer. Do you want to go through the whole process or allow God to intervene while going through the process?

People achieve success in various endeavors by diligently carrying out what is expected of them. A man desiring to travel from point A to B, sets out and in no time arrived at his destination because of a combination of actions he took. It is right to say he succeeded in arriving at his destination but when success becomes unexplainable, unimaginable and incomprehensible it becomes supernatural success. Such successes may not necessarily follow a particular natural trend, but happens through divine intervention while diligently going through the process and causes you to achieve faster and beyond your expectation.

The Super in the Success is the part of God at work in our lives. Achieving success in life outside God may be tedious, laborious and frustrating but when you allow God to intervene in your case, when you allow him to help you, when you allow him to direct and instruct you the way you should go, you will soon find out that a journey of ten years can be reduced to two years and even transcend your expectations. This was what happened to Brother B in the above narration. God has a pattern of performing above and beyond our imaginations if we allow him, the bible says he is our very present help in the time of need, He will multiply what you have and make it big, He will amplify your effort and make you achieve beyond your expectations if only you will allow him.

You may ask, how can I tap into this supernatural? Simple, do it Gods way and follow his instruction, He told Joshua in Joshua 1: 8 that the secret to succeed is diligently and carefully follow the instructions in the book of the law. Following Gods instruction is the key to succeeding in life, if you cannot be instructed, you cannot be constructed and the instructions are contained in the manual, the bible.

For Further study:

Joshua 1:8, Proverbs 1:8, Eph 3:20

Declaration for the day:

Today I will enjoy success in exceedingly great proportion beyond my input.

Questions for you to reflect on:

What is your expectation?

Are you depending on your ability or His ability?

What are you doing that you want God to bless?