Bible Steps to decision making Part 2

Proverbs 24:3-4 – Through wisdom a house is built; by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all rare and beautiful treasure.

Godly and good decisions are skill that are to be developed. Today, I will continue on bible steps to decision making.

Get a word from God on whether this is the right time or right choice

It is the word of God that actually crowns your effort with permanent success. So after you know what you want, have carried out proper research and made proper consultation, commit your desire and research to the Lord for direction. Be aware that because a decision looks good and has proven to be good for others doesn’t mean you should go for it. Take time in God’s presence and get a divine perspective to it. This will save you a lot of unnecessary pain.

One thing I have learnt about God is if you decide to go ahead without him, you will always end up with pains and delays. So it is important to be willing to take whatever He tells you seriously and do it for therein lies your security and audacity for victory. For example if God tells you not to marry that man or woman and you go ahead because your friends approve of him or you think you will deal with the issues at stake later then be ready in the long run to face the problem that may arise from it.

If God approves it, then make a plan of action that you can believe God to help you achieve –Please be aware that because God is in a thing does not guarantee automatic success. You need to work out a plan and work at your plan. I have seen people that God promised good success in their life but they are lazy at working at it. They have no game plan. Please be aware that every promise of God is conditional. Yes they pray and fast but there are no tangible plans written down to follow. So sit down if necessary with a professional to help you with a workable plan. For example if the decision has to do with your wedding day you still need to plan for the wedding event and count the cost. God’s approval does not excuse you from paying the bills, God’s approval guarantees divine provision for you but you have put your faith to work on your plans.

Take action, stick with it and fine tune your strategy when necessary – When you have made the plan then you need to be proactive and run with it regardless of what other people think. At this stage you should set out to challenge, fight and overcome every opposition that come against you because there would be some. Stay with the plan and improve on the approach if need be but never lose sight of your goal.

Take inventory of what you have learnt and be open to learn more – the need for this is for you to be able to use what you already know in other areas and to help others. We need to start a legacy of good decision-making strategy.

For Further Study

Romans 12:2, Philippians 1:9-11, Luke 14: 28

Personal declaration for the day

I will do whatever it takes to ensure I make the right decisions


Questions for you to reflect on

Is it important to commit your decisions to God before you go ahead?

What are the bible steps to decision making.