Strategic Decision Making Pt. 1

Job 32:8 – But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding

Decision-making is the process of selecting from several choices, products or ideas and taking necessary actions. It is an opinion; position or judgement reaches after considerations.

Strategy /strategic is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. Strategy deals with the how part rather than the what.


From my research, I discovered that there is no course in any institute of higher learning on decision making, yet we make decisions every day. There are great and small decisions in every field of human endeavour yet there is no formal training on strategic decision-making. No wonder many are suffering losses on a daily basis and are in unnecessary pain and trauma.

Our lives are products of our choices/decisions and the more we develop our decision-making skills the better our lives become. Please be aware that in every bible story there is a God part and there is a man part. Yes we have great promises in scriptures but we need to know how to bring the promises from the written pages to work actively in our personal lives. This process of possessing your possessions and enforcing bible promises to manifest in your lives include strategic quality decision-making.

Please be aware that God wants you to be able to make excellent decisions on a consistent basis so that the world will see the glory of God in you and turn to Him because of your undeniable results.

To start with I will like to highlight the importance of quality decision-making strategy. They are as follows

It reduces your losses and prevents shame

It positions you for opportunities and promotion

It improves your status

It increases your worth to your world

You become an asset rather than a liability

You attract attention and like-minded people

It provokes creativity around you.


For Further Study

Daniel 5:11-12, Isaiah 48:17


Personal declaration for the day

With God’s help I will make the right decisions. Amen


Questions for you to reflect on

When making important decisions what do you consider?

Think back to the time you made a wrong decision recently, how did you arrive at the decision?