Steps to a Life of Excellence – 6

The sixth step to living a life of excellence is to take time to fast.

Mark 9:29So He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”

If you want to get what you’ve never gotten you need to do what you’ve never done before. I remember when I relocated to Ireland; I noted that it was a new phase in my life and an entirely new territory so I was impressed of the Lord to pray and fast. For the first one year I fasted almost every day, meditated and prayed Deuteronomy 28:1-14. (I’m not recommending this to anyone). After a short while things began to open up for me and these openings compounded after a couple of months and became a major explosion. And since then my life has been a series of one level of breakthrough to another.

I learnt that my fasting didn’t change God because God is always the same but it changed me and upgraded my outlook to life and helped my level of expectancy tremendously. So when you fast spend time alone with God for clear direction, to study His word and also to detoxify your bowels. Please be wise in the way you fast because some have fasted foolishly and landed themselves in hospital and early graves. So be wise because fasting is not to punish you or a form of penance but a period of separation to spend time with God.

While fasting, get your goals and priorities right before going into it, believe that you receive what you desire and meditate on the above scripture and expect total breakthrough and break out into a new dimension of excellence in your life.

Further reading

Isaiah 58:5-14

Personal declaration for the day

Heavenly Father I receive the grace to take time to fast and seek you in order to improve myself and be excellent. Amen.

Questions for you to reflect on

How often do you fast and why?

Do you know that fasting doesn’t change God, it only changes you?

Are you aware that fasting is not just about food?