Source and Channels

Deuteronomy 8:7-18 And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Having regard to the times we are living in, I believe it is important for me to help you understand who and what our source of prosperity is and the channels through which prosperity is brought to us. Friend, God is the source of our prosperity and uses the people, institutions and things around us as channels to bring His prosperity to us. You are also a channel. You are both a receiver and a channel through which God carries His prosperity to the people around you. It is important for you to understand the dynamics of the law of prosperity. Prosperity is open-ended; no one is at the end of the ‘food chain’. In God’s kingdom there is no end to the food chain. It is meant to be a continuous cycle. In other words, the kingdom of God does not consist of some group who are solely givers and another group who are receivers only. Rather, every individual in the kingdom is meant to be both a giver and a receiver. If you only give and don’t position yourself for receiving you are causing an obstruction to divine flow and your giving ministry will be short-lived. Also if you are a receiver only and never give you are equally causing an obstruction and delaying the blessing of others.

Giving consists of physical and spiritual materials i.e. skills, wisdom, financial assistance, advice, guidance and moral support are all seeds that one needs to be passing along the chain.

Back to our main subject, from the above scripture, it is clear that God is the source of all prosperity. People may dispute this but that is the truth. God created man, so He is the source of man. He created everything both visible and invisible. Man came from God and not the other way around. God uses human being and the institutions around us as conveyers of his prosperity to us.

We must be careful that we do not give to the channels that God uses the reverence and worship we ought to give God. And we must not be ungrateful to our God given channels. God positions us and puts us in different places to connect the channels of blessing. What I have noted over the years is that people become so caught up with their channels of blessings, that they neglect God.

You note that God is always instructing the children of Israel that they should not forget who their source of wealth is. This is because there is a tendency to be carried away and lost in the moment when prosperity arrives and forget that it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord. I have seen many young and upcoming Christians who, as they began to get blessed, become complacent with their walk with God. They replaced God with their money making venture and put God in the back seat. Friend, every one of us will have to pass this test from time to time. The higher you go the greater the tendency to be distracted from your first love.

I have a cardinal law that if it is taking me away from my time and commitment to God I have to make a quick adjustment because I have learnt by revelation and experience that if God’s presence is not in it, it will not last. Please note, I am not saying you should be ungrateful. You should be grateful to and appreciate the channels that God uses to prosper you. I would be unhappy to see people ungrateful to me if I had been a blessing to them. However I would not want people to put me in the place of God in their lives because that would get me into troubles.

This is what I do: I worship God because I love Him for who He is and I desire His presence more than anything. He is my source and He deserves it. Regarding my God given channels, I appreciate them and honour their contribution to my life. The Bible says honour all men. It takes good understanding and spiritual maturity to strike the balance between the two and I receive that grace for you in Jesus’ mighty name. I bless you with the grace to discern and worship God as your source and appreciate the people and institutions that God uses as channels to bless you in Jesus’ mighty name.

The reason why I am making this emphasis is because God is bringing new people, networks, opportunities, jobs, contracts etc. your way and they will in many ways test and retest your commitment to God. It is very important to discern those moments and make the right call and adjustment to preserve and keep the presence of God that has brought you to this new level. I am busier today than I have ever been, yet I still wake up to seek God early before I do anything. I take out time to fast twice a week, study everyday because I know these are things that brought me what I enjoy today. For me to keep the rising tide of blessings I must continue to live out the principles. A lifelong lifestyle of prosperity requires a lifelong lifestyle of commitment to and embracing God as your source and seeing people and the institutions around you as channels. God is our source, things will change, people will come and people will go but God will remain the same. Let it be enshrined in your spirit that God is your source and He creates opportunities and positions for you as His blessing. Stick with Him and your plan will prosper.

Further reading

Deuteronomy 8:7-18, Luke 6:38, Exodus 12:36


Personal declaration for the day

God has empowered me to prosper therefore I will propose and give glory to Him. I will be grateful to the people He uses as channel to convey to me.


Questions for you to reflect on

What channels has God used to provide for you in the past?

Did you appreciate the channels and worship God or did you worship the channels and appreciate them outside God?

God demands and deserves our worship and our God given channels deserve appreciation and cooperation.