Roadblocks to Greatness Part 2

Opposition from natural disasters, negative people, human limitation

Isaac inherited the Abrahamic blessing, yet famine came. However, in the midst of the famine, God told him to stay and not relocate. You can see that the covenant blessing is superior to the climate. The devil will fashion situations, people and limitations against you but they shall not prosper because you are on a divine agenda for greatness. Your greatness is divinely planned so anything that rises against you will only add to the pleasure and glory of your greatness. I am sick of Christians attacking each other with words like, “If you are in the will of God, you will not face troubles”, or “If you have strong faith, no problems will come your way” and many other similar hurtful statements. Friend, the devil doesn’t bother those who don’t bother him. Immediately, God announced the greatness of Jesus at the River Jordan. The devil immediately went on an attack but Jesus overcame. With every great positioning, comes great opposition. Therefore, don’t be worried; don’t be despondent. You should hold onto God’s promises and declare your victory in the face of opposition. Ephesians 6:13b – ‘…and having done all, to stand…’

Past mistakes

God forgives and forgets our iniquities but people and the devil remember. That is why sometimes, it is the people that knew you before you met the Lord that are the most difficult to convince of the change that has occurred in your life. They are sometimes the last to receive the gospel from you. The devil always plays your past mistakes back to you and tells you how unqualified you are for greatness in Christ but the devil is a liar. You meet some of your old comrades and they give you a close look to remind you of how terrible you used to be but remember they are not the ones you have to answer to. You answer to God and God has forgiven you and has washed you clean with the blood of Jesus. As far as God is concerned, you are a new creation and the old man is gone.

It is important for you to take note of these roadblocks because they are put out there by the enemy to rob you of your great destiny. You have to rise above each of them as they come along your way and become all that God destined you to be.

For Further Study

Genesis 12:10-14, Genesis 26:1-3, 12-22.


Personal declaration for the day

I will not allow my past mistakes to hinder my future. I will enter into this day with a fresh commitment and expect something good to happen to me.

Questions for you to reflect on

What are the roadblocks to your greatness?

How do you intend to overcome these roadblocks?