Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. KJV


The word ‘thoughts’ or ‘Plan’ in the above scripture is also the same Hebrew word which means purpose and here we see God making an emphatic declaration to the children of Israel while they were in captivity in the Babylon. If you read the whole chapter from verse 4, you will discover that God was literarily instructing them that their environment should not determine their life but rather they should create their environment. Even in captivity, He commanded them to increase and not decrease; because all of what they have been through or will still go through is part of his plan for their lives to bring them to the desired end he has purposed in eternity.


The same thing the Lord is telling you today: everything you have been through or still going through is part of His divine purpose. This is not to encourage complacency but to let you know that God is a purposeful God. Every time he appeared in the scene in human history, it is because He wanted something accomplished and was actively working it through people’s lives. In Genesis 1: 26-28 ‘Let us make man in our own image and likeness and let them have dominion. We see God declaring the purpose for which he wanted to create Man even before the actual creation. We must understand that God created everything to fulfill a purpose in life. Whether we are talking about a mammal, reptile, plant, star or persons, everything and everyone God created serves a unique purpose. That includes you. You may have been a surprise to your Parents, but not a surprise to God; He was expecting YOU because he already mapped out a special purpose to fulfill with you in mind.


Ephesians 1:4-5, says you were chosen in Him before the world began. God planned in advance all that you were born to be and accomplish. He created Joseph because He already had the mind of saving the whole of Egypt as a matter of fact the whole mankind from starvation as read in Genesis 45:5b Joseph told his brothers ‘for God did send me before you to preserve life’. However, remember his journey to the throne was not pleasant, as a matter of fact all that happened to him were exact opposite of what God showed him in a vision. What about Moses whose destiny was left to be determined by the wave of the sea. He was trained to reign as a king in the house of Pharaoh and was trained as leader while leading the flock of Jethro his uncle. All these experiences formed the qualities required by God to use him as the deliverer of Israel from bondage.

I am continually positive about life because I know that God created me for a purpose and He will bring that purpose to pass, I believe that I am not a mistake and I know that my life is significant. God created me to do something, and no one else can do it for me. Do you believe that for yourself? Then say it loud to yourself and become confident of this truth as you continue in this journey which God has purposed in eternity.

For Further study

Genesis 1:26-28, Ecclesiates 3:1, Epheshains 1:4-5

Declaration for today

My life will count for something and I will fulfill the purpose for which I was created

Questions for you to reflect on:

Do know that God does not do anything without a purpose?

Do you know that your life has been pre-planned by God?