Prayer is not just communication with God, we also believe that prayer is one of the ways we grow in God and one of the ways God implements His awesome will in our lives. We believe the more we pray the better strengthened we become as believers.

So, we trust that if you are to take your faith in Jesus Christ seriously, prayer is one of the ways to do so. When we pray, we get to know the mind of God for us and then we do not faint in the days of adversity. Anyone who prays consistently and as often as required will have an edge in all areas of life. It is amazing to know that God is mindful of us and the way to access the mind of God and win the battles of life is through prayer.

So, we encourage you to pray today: talk to God and know His will for your life.

Prayer is important and Jesus taught us how to pray. Therefore, it is important that we spend time to pray individually, in groups, as a family and then commit everything and everyone into God’s faithful hands. Prayer is work but the reward of its labour is blissful. Know the mind of God for you today.