In Psalm 107:20, the Lord used the tool of the Word to heal and deliver.
Hence, it is clear that God’s Word is a messenger of Health and Deliverance.

When the Word comes, it is accompanied with power.
God’s Word produces faith in us.
Our faith in God is renewed through the intake and use of the Word that we receive.

Matthew 8:5-13
The centurion in the above scripture experienced the productive power of God’s Word, because He understood the following.
1. He understood divine order.
When we break divine order, we loose our positioning and our authority becomes ineffective.
2. He understood the authority of those above him and his authority over those he is responsible for.
3. He understood execution.
4. He understood the gravity of the Word.

Please be aware that words are containers of power. Your words rule you.
Do not respond to the alarm of the world, rather immerse yourself in the Word of God.

This month, the power in God’s Word will deliver for you in Jesus Name.

Remember, you are not a biological accident, but a product of destiny.
-Pastor Solomon Aroboto.