Permanent, Progressive Provision


Isaiah 28:10, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

So far we’ve been able to determine that there are four types or spheres of prosperity. It is however essential that we keep on improving and developing ourselves so that instead of being envious of another person’s progress, we must invest in developing ourselves by reading and gathering relevant information.

Great leaders are readers. If you won’t read you will not be read. Even Daniel understood by books that the time for the captivity of Israel to be turned around had come. You should also inculcate the habit of taking notes for you are unlikely to remember most of what you hear. Have a notebook or a diary  because what you don’t document you can’t retrieve. This information is what will better your life.  if you had better information you would be living a better life right now. Relevant  information is what changed my life. It will change yours if you apply yourself to it.

You must know that prosperity doesn’t jump on people you’ve got to learn it. In last views days, I  have taken you through the laws of prosperity, which I have learnt. You must also learn them,  for them to work for you. Financial shame is as a result of ignorance; people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, not because of the devil. The devil cannot undermine God’s laws. Romans 8:2, “For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death.”  A law can keep you bound and a law can set you free depending on which one you are applying in your life.

If you learn what I learn, do what I do and know what I know you will get what I get. The Bible says there is no partiality with God, no Jew nor Gentile neither male nor female. You must learn God’s way of doing things or life will force what you don’t want on you. There is no vacuum in leadership because at any time someone is influencing you . I don’t want to see you poor or sick or going through the same old things, things must change but it will require a major effort on your part. Something must be done to drive this change. Things don’t just happen people make them happen. Life doesn’t change until you put effort into it.

If you’re not full of the insights of prosperity you will not be able to command it. Paul Yonggi Cho said, “Money only listens to the voice of its master.” Master it in order to be a master otherwise you will be mastered by poverty. Somebody said they tried the word of God and it didn’t work but I disagree. Instead the word of God tried you and you didn’t work. You are the one who is on trial, not God.

God did not plan for us to be living from breakthrough to breakthrough. God doesn’t want you to be stuck then come out and go through that same process again. He wants you to live a lifestyle of financial dominion. Every facet of your life shouldn’t be dependent on breakthrough or a constant state of struggle. When you are constantly struggling you are surviving and not living. Living is, when you already have the money you need to embark on that project before you begin. It is not hoping and waiting till the very last minute before things happen.  You can start that way but this should not be your lifestyle for long for this is not the plan of God for you.

Many  have been misled in their search for a breakthrough. It’s good to have a breakthrough when you want to move from one level to another. But when you need a breakthrough to eat your breakfast, lunch and your dinner you have a problem. It’s a curse that must be broken. You’re free to prosper. Today I deliver you from that satanic bondage in Jesus mighty name. Why do you have to work like an elephant and eat like an ant? Why should you earn money and still be restless with it, it’s a curse and I destroy it in Jesus name.

God wants to take you to a better place. That’s His plan for you. But you can’t get these things without working the laws. It’s God’s will for you to prosper in all spheres of life. Your prosperity spirit, soul and body is the most important thing to Him after you become born again.

Don’t forget these:

  • God wants you to prosper, even you!
  • What you don’t put into life you don’t get out of life.
  • It is only what you put into the hands of God that God multiplies.
  • When you give to the Lord He is not looking for a means to take from you but to give to you. Ecclesiastes 11:1, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it.”
  • Understand that prosperity is a covenant. It is not a promise or prophecy. Engaging in the covenant is what brings prosperity. It’s an agreement between you and God.


For further study:

Genesis 8:22

Personal Declaration for the day

I will apply God’s principle of prosperity and I will prosper in Jesus name.

Questions for you to reflect on:

  • What principles of prosperity learnt ?
  • Have you been applying them ?