October 1

Strongholds can be defined as anything that is strong and has a hold or control on our life. It is an area where we are weaker than the thing i.e. habit, situation, circumstance that has rule over you. In the bible Strongholds were also used in positive instances, a stronghold can also be:

1 A fortified place or a fortress (Joel 3:16)

2. A place of survival or refuge (2 Samuel 5:9)

In dealing with strong holds, first we must

1. Take inventory of our life, is there any sin in our life that we have not repented of? Is there anyone that we have not forgiven? Is there any past involvement in ungodly things we have not resolved? Is there a history of a negative pattern in our life? What is it that we are still trying to hold on to that is deterrent to our freedom? We should ask the Holy Ghost to reveal it to us so that we can see. We must repent and renounce all the works of the enemy, all soul ties, and ungodly involvements are areas that may give satan a legal right to be involved in our life. Jesus paid for our freedom and satan has no right, no authority to anything that concerns us. When we gave our life to Christ. Jesus we were free to walk in liberty. The price of our victory has already been paid when Jesus died and nailed it to the cross.

2. We should identify the devices of the adversary: lust, bad habits, negative expectation and confession i.e. drugs, alcohol, lying, sexual sins (1 Corinthians 6:18), mediocre/ negative thought life, unholy desires, jealousy, materialism, and resentment. Ephesians 6:12. The devil our adversary puts all these junks in our lives, but we must be at alert as Christians.

OUR Weapons are:

• The word of God,

• Blood of Jesus, (Apply the Blood of Jesus to your mind, will, emotions and body daily and as often as needed.) Exodus 12:13, 23

• The armour of God, and the Name of Jesus. (Ephesians 6:11-18)

We can invoke the yoke breaking anointing by praying and fasting, the confession of our mouth must be in line with the word of God.

We should also praise and worship God for victory.

We can always call assign the ministering and warring angels while praying to minister to our needs. Psalm34:7.

Amour Check! Most vital is our salvation, we must be stable steady serving Christians; we should not be in and out of the will of God. Satan should not have any authorized ground to lay demand on our inheritance or build any stronghold in our lives.

Laying down our burden to the father: Matthew 11:28. Jesus beckons on us to come with our life issues, no matter how heavy the burden is, we can release it to him. We should not allow the FEAR of the unknown to deprive us from enjoying total salvation.


For further study:
Romans 10:13, Psalm 124:7-8, 50:14-15, Psalms 51, 91, Isaiah 10:27, 45:2, 3

Personal declaration for the day:
I am winner not a loser. I am free and will never be bound.

Questions for you to reflect on:
How free are you from your past?