1 John 4:4 – You are from God … the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world

Is there something—anything—facing you in life that you feel you cannot handle? Let the greatness of God take over! Let the greatness of God’s healing power, guiding light, soothing peace, comforting love,and abiding goodness take over now.

Turn away from every negative appearance of lack or limitation and focus all attention upon the reality of the presence and power of God. … Turn every thought of fear or doubt over to God.

God’s greatness is more powerful than any problem and more dynamic than any disturbing thought, feeling, or circumstance. And God, your Creator, has placed His own spirit of greatness within you. Yes, dear friend, “You are from God .. the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”.(1 John 4:4).

Because of this greatness, you can be strong when everything within you seems to speak of inability and weakness. You can be great in peacefulness when every emotion indicates upset and confusion. You can be gentle, forgiving, and loving when feelings clamor for angry reaction or bitter response. Through God’s Spirit within you, you can do all you need to do and be all you truly long to be.

Let the greatness of God take over! Begin anew to live and move and have your being within this idea. Let it strengthen your wavering faith when you feel discouragement crowding into your thinking. Let its light guide you and hold you steady when you feel your foundation of security beginning to tremble. Keep the focus of your faith clear and strong by repeating the words as often as needed, saying quietly to yourself:I let the greatness of God take over.

Wherever you are at this moment, begin to recognize and accept that the greatness of God is there with you and within everyone and everything. This greatness is ready to bring about the needed order, harmony, and healing in all people, in all situations, and in all circumstances. The greatness of God is within the earnest prayer of faith. …

The greatness of God awaits your recognition and acceptance in this very moment, regarding anything in your life presenting a challenge. Healing of mind or body or affairs is intended to be uninterrupted in all people and in all situations. Wholeness of life is meant to be eternally unceasing in expression and goodness. And the more you turn to this idea, the more fully you will find the greatness of God becoming tangible in your life.

Yes, you can turn over to God your challenges and receive guidance, help, and healing.

You can turn over to God every distress or pain of body; every hurt or shadowy place of the soul, all the dilemmas and doubts of your mind. You can turn over to God all excessive concerns for others, all the overwhelming demands of work or ambition, all the cherished goals for the future, and all the desires of your heart to measure up and to succeed.

You can release the burdens of condemnation, guilt, and self-criticism, giving thanks that you do not need to do anything by yourself. You can take heart anew in Jesus’ words, “With God all things are possible.” Letting the greatness of God take over, you can do and be more than you ever thought you could. …

This same greatness of God is offered to all His children. It is yours and it is mine to recognize, to accept, and to praise. God’s greatness is ready to provide, to bless, to guide, to deliver, and to redeem everything in your life.  God’s greatness is ready and willing to infill you, to work for and with you as absolute good.

No matter how inadequate you feel or how overwhelming your challenges appear to be, turn your attention away from the perception of yourself as too little, too weak, too unfaithful, too timid, or too anything. Look instead, minute by minute and hour by hour, upon the greatness of God. …

Let God’s great love now take over all of your concerns and your burdensome thoughts, feelings, and challenges. Let God’s presence and power rule. Give yourself, your dear ones—give everything over to God. Let God take over every thought of apprehension and turn it into renewed faith. Let God fill every need and supply every good in your life. Let God reveal His greatness within you.

He will, for with God all things are possible and one with God is a mighty host.

For further Study

Genesis 26

Personal declaration for the day

I will think only possibilities.

Questions for you to reflect on

How great do you think you can become?

How do intend to achieve your objectives?