Isaiah 46:10 – Making clear from the first what is to come, and from past times the things which have not so far come about; saying, My purpose is fixed, and I will do all my pleasure;

Proverbs 29:18

“When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is happy.”

(New Living Translation)

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or exists. In this chapter I will highlight the importance of purpose and the danger of not knowing/finding it.

From the above scriptures we can see that God is always doing something and He has reasons and He expects us to follow His line of action. Because if we don’t know what God is doing and why He is doing what He is doing life becomes meaningless.

When you don’t know the purpose of a thing abuse will set in. Abuse – Abnormal use. So if a person does not know his or her purpose in life such life will be a waste of divine resources. But you will find your purpose in this life and you will walk in it in Jesus name!

I have found two levels of purpose in the Bible. The first is the General purpose of mankind found in Genesis 1:26. The second type of purpose is the Specific or Individual purpose; the particular field or domain that God wants you to rule in. For example the purpose of Moses was to bring the people of Israel out of Egypt; the purpose of Joshua was to bring them into the Promised Land. The purpose of our Lord Jesus is to save His people from their sins.

So what happens if a person does not know his or her purpose? They lose their winning and cutting edge. They may know generally that it is the will of God for them to rule and reign in life but they may not know in what area. This leads to frustration and copying others. Paul said to make your calling and election sure.

So knowing that God created you for dominion is the foundation for success in life. But knowing the actual day-to-day things to do in progression to attain your destined greatness is another matter. There are some anointed barbers that are working in other professions. There are some whose purpose is in engineering but feel mathematics is a waste of time. It is finding your individual purpose in life that gives you peace of mind and rids you of jealousy and the spirit of competition.

The hand cannot be the eye nor can the legs be the head. So find your place or you will be out of position. You may say, so Pastor how do I find my personal path in life? It’s very easy. I found my path in life by simply following simple Bible instructions daily. Champions are not born, they are made daily.

I discovered that many want to hear the voice of God on important issues but they don’t follow the written word on the same issue; as if God will contradict His word. So the first step is look into your daily obedience to simple bible teachings.

The next step is to observe what draws out your passion. What makes you want to rise up and do something? What problems do you like to solve and what problems have you been solving? This issue requires a lot of attention and soul searching. This is your life path we are talking about. Your ambition in life is not the same as your God-chosen path. Don’t get me wrong God will use all your talent, gifts and qualifications to take you to the highest place but don’t major on these factors or tools because they are not the end in themselves.

Thirdly you need to find out and confirm from God. Note I said find out and confirm. Because many people rush to God, get a message, don’t get sufficient details and don’t carry out research on it. They claim that since God said it He would perfect it. True but every move of God in the life of a person has two parts, the God part and the man part. God knows His part but do you know yours?

Let’s do a recap:

Ignorance of purpose is equal to a waste of divine resources and akin to suicide.

There are two levels of purpose, general and personal or specific purpose.

Your response to written instructions will determine your response to spoken instructions.

Whatever draws your passion has your life purpose embedded in it.

Take time out to search the mind of God and know what is required of you.

Finally know that your purpose is fulfilled in phases and in sizes so stick with it even in your time of insignificance. It will surely yield maximum benefits and bring you to your highest place.

For further Study

John 8:32,

Questions for you to reflect on

Do you know your purpose?

What is it ?

Personal declaration for the day

I will live a purposeful life. I will be divinely intentional in my dealing. I will live out God’s dreams for my life and be all he has created me to be.