Honour, Greatness and Peace

Psalm 45:4And in Your majesty ride prosperously because of truth, humility, and righteousness; and your right hand shall teach you awesome things. (NKJV).

So what are honour, greatness and peace?

Honour (‘Time’ in Greek) – Meaning valuing, preciousness, esteem, reward, advantage, dignity and/or privilege. In a spiritual context, it is the ability to recognise and live with other powerful people without feeling threatened or trying to get rid of them.

This implies that God will make you an essential and vital person in your world. You will gain advantage and you will be dignified. He will make you precious and you will enjoy high esteem. You will stand shoulder to shoulder with other achievers and you will not feel inferior or threatened. You will be rewarded.

Greatness (‘Megas’ in Greek) – Meaning large in bulk or dimension, a term of comparison; denoting more magnitude, being of extended length or breadth, large in number, important, weighty, chief, high rank, principal of vast power and excellence, supreme, possessing large or strong powers of mind, dignified, noble, rich and/or distinguished by extra-ordinary event.

The parameters for measuring greatness include external size, degree/intensity of circumstance/thing and the rank of a person. This implies that the size of your achievement will be supreme in magnitude and have the intensity of His grace. The presence and power within you will be weighty and extraordinary and you will be of high rank; you will take a chief position; you will be noble, with an excellent disposition in your world in Jesus mighty name.

Peace (‘Eirene’(gr), ‘Shalom’(hb) – Meaning harmonious relationship, friendliness, freedom from molestation, quietness, the sense of rest and contentment, wholeness, full, finished, made perfect and/or entire.

God is telling you that you will be free from oppression; you will enjoy quietness and rest in your life. Your life will be whole and together. The period of dissatisfaction is over.

For Further Study

Psalm 45:4, Ecclesiastes 4:14, Luke 1:45, Numbers 23:12


Personal declaration for the day

God has blessed me with honour, greatness and peace. Therefore, I will rejoice and be glad of Him.

Questions for you to reflect on

What is the Word of God to you today?

What scripture are you standing on?