May 01

Luke 6:37 – Judgenot,and ye shallnot be judged : condemnnot,and ye shallnot be condemned : forgive , and ye shall be forgiven.

One of the thorniest and most difficult things we humans are ever called upon to do is to forgive the unforgiveable. It is very important for us to know that we do not naturally overflow with Mercy, Grace and Understanding when we’ve been wronged.

We forgive by faith out of obedience. Since forgiveness is out of our nature, we must forgive by faith and trust God to do the work in us that needs to be done so that forgiveness will be complete. (Phil 1:6) and in the case of injustice, we can pray to God to deal with the matter and judge the offender then leave the prayer at the altar. We no longer carry the anger. (Lk 6: 37) Remember our God is a faithful judge. You can be sure HE will do Justice accordingly.

Research has shown that the one key to longevity and good health, is to develop a habit of gratitude and let go of past hurts. Hate is like an acid, it damages the vessel in which it is stored, and destroys the vessel in which it is poured.

Realize that the best revenge against your enemies is to ensure you live a Successful and Happy life. The Aramaic meaning for “forgive” means UNTIE. So do yourself a favor and untie yourself from every feeling of guilt, offence, revenge and hate. Choose to be happy. Fill your heart with good memories and delete the unpleasant ones. Live in Love so you can enjoy Love.

You’ve got just one life to live so determine to live it well.
For further Study

Philippians 1:6

Personal declaration for the day

I will not mortgage my happiness to happiness

Questions for you to reflect on

How much do you love yourself ?

Do you love yourself more than you love to get revenge on your offender?