Exposing the Spirit of Mediocrity – Part 2

Revelation 3:16 – So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Friend, mediocrity is not to be tolerated because of the effect and impact it has on people. If left unchecked it can rob you of the greatness God has proposed for you. Today, I will outline some of results of mediocrity and how to cure them.

Consequences of walking in mediocrity

Lose of opportunities.

You become an average player.

You end up looking at things happening to others rather than making things happen for you.

You may lose your moment and be replaced by another person.

Spiritual dryness.


Decide to be the best and not tolerate mediocrity by placing great value on relevant knowledge.

Memorise and verbalise God’s word regarding your divine abilities and possibilities.

Visualise your desired future – Your mental image determines your actual future and what you look longest become strongest in your mind.

Personalise and build your belief system – Life is a product of personal adventure. The greatest helping hands you will ever get are your own hands. Therefore, put your name in the relevant scriptures and paraphrase them accordingly.

Analyse – Examine your personal values and their root. Examine why you think the way you think. Why have you accepted some things as part of life?

Take action and make necessary changes – it is said that knowledge is power but I disagree, it is knowledge acted upon that shows your level of enlightenment and culminates in empowerment. If you don’t act then you cannot be rewarded.

Evaluate your outcome and gain more knowledge from experience – This is very important, after every event take note, make inventory of the various activities and learn from it.

I will encourage you to reassess your life and make a decision of quality to live above mediocrity in your marriage, business, education, career and all that concerns you.

For Further Study

Ecclesiastes 10:15, Joshua 1:8.

Personal declaration for the day

I choose to live above mediocrity.

Questions for you to reflect on

When last did you sit down to reassess your life?

Are you satisfied with your current situation?

What steps are you taking in relation to personal improvement?