Everlasting Life


John 3:16 – For God so loved the word that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The above scripture clearly states that love was the motivation behind God sending Jesus to die for the sinful world. God’s love always amazes me. He so loved and still loves the sinful world and He did something about it. But Christians are sometimes having a different approach. Sometimes the motivation for reaching out to the sinful world by the Christians is not love and this affects the result of preaching the gospel.  The gospel must be preached on the basis of love for the unbelieving. Preaching the gospel out of a heart full of judgement and condemnation for the unbeliever is not the way to go. This approach while it may sometimes work, it would leave the new believer with a wrong foundation, as they too will begin to reach out to others on basis of condemnation and judgement. So love people to Christ don’t judge or condemn them to Christ because Jesus Christ is not in the business beating people down to win them to himself.

In addition, to preaching the gospel out of love, we are to make Jesus believable, while it is people’s choice to believe or not to believe the gospel, we have the responsibility of making the love of God for them believable. Sometimes, the people don’t have problem with the product, they have problem with the salesman. You need to be present the love that Christ Jesus has demonstrated to the sinful world in a believable way. May the Lord grant you wisdom. Amen

When we get people to believe in the love and sacrifice that Jesus made for them, then they are delivered from the destructive power of the devil and hell. They receive eternal life. The above scripture says believing in Jesus Christ prevent the believer from perishing. The question is how do people perish? The following are some of the ways that people perish,

Ignorance – Hosea 4:6

Sin – Romans 6:23

Sickness,  – John 11:1-16

War, Poverty, pain or suffering, emotional and mental breakdown etc

God does not want anyone to perish physical or spiritually. Believing in Jesus delivers us from perishing and gives us everlasting life. The God kind of life that cannot be terminated or punctuated by sorrows. Everlasting life is available to everyone but you have to present it to then in love and in a believable manner. 


For further study:


Hosea 4:6, Romans 6:23, John 11:1-16,

Personal declaration for the day:


I will show and share the love of Christ in a joyful and believable manner and save people from perishing.

Questions for you to reflect on:


Have you experienced the love of God before?

Do you share the love of God with people?

How do you share it?