Divine Status

October 22

One thing is clear for sure and that is; Jesus “the Christ” was born (Luke 2:11), did die on the cross and was resurrected to redeem man! The progression from birth to death, then resurrection, to sitting at the right hand of the father is for the fulfillment of our “Divine status”. As a Christian you are dead nevertheless you live, yet not you that lives but Christ that lives in you. How? John 3:16-18 Because your confession by faith gave you a new life in Christ! Hence you are a new creation Old things are pass away and behold all things are become new.

This new life in Christ is a regenerated spirit of God, that is a “bring back His Spirit in man”. You live from your divine nature that is; your spirit man, not the flesh which is only an earthly suit which embodies your spirit and soul. The real you is of God! An embodiment of Christ the son of God, so God dwells in us and our responsibility is to allow His life in us dominate and define our life as Christians, meaning Christlike (a prototype) of Gods divine nature.

In Him we have our being, that is, there is no you without Him! I am excited about this revealed truth on my identity in Christ, it makes stronger the power in his words to us, whatever Christ is we are in him! Christ said greater works shall you do “this words confirms your status in divinity, more is expected from you as Gods special people, peculiar and royal priesthood a holy nation who are to operate heavenly principles on earth, answering to the earnest expectation of the whole world who awaits our manifestation as superior life givers. Am in awe at this reality that am too influential to be stopped or deterred from fulfilling the mandate of reconciliation and revealing the hope of glory “Christ ” in me. It should be said of us “they must have been with Jesus” because we act and live like Him.

The likes of Apostle Paul and Peter replicated his life in abundance such that their shadow, and handkerchief made healing and Gods power available to people. We can do this too if we allow our divinity to take precedence over our mortality. The bible says “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! If we live the life of our Divine nature! You are in the world but not of this world, yes! You are of God!

Your identity is in Christ and you are anointed with kingdom assignment because the government is upon your shoulders! Start making the difference by infusing the world with your divine life (Zoe). Above all stay connected.


For further study:
Isaiah 9:6-7, Matthew 28:18-20, John 14:18-25

Personal declaration for the day:
I have been given the divine life to share it with my world.

Questions for you to reflect on:
Are you making a difference with the divine life that you possess?