Divine Peace

Philippians 4:7And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (emphasis added).

Peace, eirene(gr) shalom(hb) – Harmonious relationship, friendliness, freedom from molestation, quietness, the sense of rest and contentment, wholeness, full, finished, made perfect, entire.

God is telling you today, that you will be free from all forms of molestation. You will enjoy quietness and rest in your life. Your life will be whole and together. The period of dissatisfaction is over. Please be aware that peace is not the absence of war but dominion over it. Peace is not absence of the devil but the subduing of the devil from having a place in your affairs.

As you are aware, God is at peace, not because the devil does not exist or for lack of enemies against His purpose but rather because their existence cannot steal from Him or deter Him from what He has purposed to do. He is the Most High so the devil’s operations are too low to read on God’s scale of operations. Remember, we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus so we are privileged to be on the same wavelength as God. The plans of the devil to rob us of our peace are impossible if we walk with this consciousness.

From the scripture in Romans 15, you will see that every time the devil comes to trouble you, you squash his plans with divine peace. Paul said in Act 20:24 that none of these things moved him because he had the revelation of the peace of God that belongs to him. The things he was referring to in those scriptures were troubles. The peace of God was more real to him than the trouble the devil was throwing at him.

Living with this consciousness of divine peace is living on a higher level. It is living in the atmosphere of God Himself. If you have the peace of God within, you will be able to calm the storm without. Today, I want you to begin to develop your ammunition of the abiding peace of God within you by taking up scriptures on peace and meditating on them continuously until you become more aware of God’s peace than of the troubles around you. Become fully mindful of God’s peace.

Every day I go about my business, I know that God is literally with me and I am his agent of peace to my world. Where there is sickness, I bring the peace of healing. Where there is poverty, I bring the peace of prosperity. Where there is pain, I bring the peace of relief. Where there are demons, I bring the peace of the Holy Spirit. It is important that we all carry this consciousness because our world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. We are the children of Peace. God is called the God of peace. The first step to receiving, manifesting and releasing God’s peace is through the knowledge of divine peace and faith in its ability to provide total wholeness.

For Further Study

Romans 16:20, Romans 15:13, John 14:27, Psalm 23:4, Acts 20:24


Personal declaration for the day

According to the Bible, Jesus gave me His peace and I received it. Therefore, peace is mine in Christ. Because I have the peace of God, today my life will be whole and full of good things. I will not be troubled or dismayed.

Questions for you to reflect on

What does true peace mean to you?

Is your definition of peace the same as God’s definition of peace?

Who or what is the source of your peace?