Creating Through the Spoken Word

Psalm 107:20He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

God created all things through His word. He first spoke them and then they came into existence and became His creations. We are created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, we are to create like God through our words. We have to first put God’s word in our heart in abundance and then in our mouth to create. This is how the word of God works. Firstly, in the heart in abundance and believe it, then in the mouth with intentionality and boldness.

For example, if you need change in a particular area of your life, you start by finding out in scriptures how God has dealt with the issue in question; find scriptures that are available on the issue. Firstly, meditate on them until they become your conviction and richly dwell in your consciousness. The word of God has to come alive within you for it to carry sufficient power when you speak it. There is no use learning and memorising scriptures if you are not going to capitalise and believe them. This is not a bible quoting exercise. The scriptures have to translate from a good idea to a God idea in you before it can translate to creations in the physical. That process occurs through meditation. When the word becomes real to you, begin to speak it consistently until you see what you are creating comes to pass. This is how the law of confession works.

In this context, a law is a principle that has predictable consequence every time based on an action or actions. Confession, in Greek, is homologia – meaning saying the same thing. By saying what God says with the same intensity and faith you create like Him every single time.

Friends, we are co-creators with God. God has finished His part of creation and has left the rest to us to finish up. You will observe that creators like employers, inventors, writers, etc are more valued in any economy and country than consumers. Yes, they say most nations are democratic but the decisions are driven by creators of wealth and not consumers of wealth. Through the spoken word we create and move into driving positions in our communities and become history makers and world shakers. I welcome you to the world of creators.


For Further Study

Mark 11:23, Proverbs 21:23.

Personal declaration for the day

Today, I will create like God because my words carry power.

Questions for you to reflect on

What are you thinking?

What are you saying?

What are you creating?