Characteristics of Effective Vision

John 10:10 – The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

Please be aware that not all visions succeed, the reason being that the tools to make them effective are lacking. God gives us vision but it is our responsibility to develop certain qualities and characteristics to match the vision in order to make it effective in our lives and community. For example, after I received the vision of this ministry I knew that I was not equipped to undertake such a great task though I was born again and baptised in the Holy Ghost. I did not have the technical know-how, I had not acquired the administrative skills requisite for such a task and I did know how to pastor myself talk less of pastoring others. Therefore, after the vision was given to me I sought to be trained and mentored by someone who had and is succeeding in a vision similar to mine, in order to succeed in my God given vision.

For a vision to be effective and impactful, certain attributes are essential. A vision that has clarity, urgency, importance and size grabs the attention and allegiance of the people. Some of the characteristics of an effective vision are as follows: God inspired, specific, transferable, measurable, imaginable, desirable, feasible, focused, flexible and communicable. It should have clarity, brevity, challenge, future orientation, stability and desirability and inspiration. As I indicated in my previous writings, God had already made the plan before He created us. It was after He finished His plan that He made a man or woman to match and fulfil the plan. The discovery of that plan is what is called ‘vision’. Embarking on that vision is called ‘mission’ but to embark on this vision effectively, it needs to be accompanied by certain attributes. When a vision is effectively communicated, it results in growth and fulfilment.

A vision must be God inspired. From the above scripture you will see that our Lord Jesus was sent by God to carry out the work of redemption for us. So, for our vision to be effective in this kingdom it must be commanded by the King. Do not run when God has not commanded it because it would only result in pain and a waste of resources.

A vision must be focused and specific. You will see that the purpose of Christ on earth was very clear to all. It was also very brief and to the point. For example, when you think of Coke you think of a refreshing drink that quenches your thirst. When you think of Nike you think of sportswear. When you think of Jesus you think of total salvation. When people think of you what comes to mind?

A vision must be desirable and inspirational for it to mean anything to the people. Due to the selfish nature of mankind, if there is nothing in it for them they won’t buy into it. A vision should mirror solutions to the obvious needs of the people it is being directed to and it should inspire them. It should resonate with their values and interest. In the above scripture you will see that the vision of our Lord Jesus Christ centres on the needs of the people and not His own. He puts the people in the picture and not Himself. One of the worst things to do with a vision is to exclude the people from the picture and scheme of things. It is said that without a vision the people perish, so also without the people the vision will perish.

The vision must provide the people with a stable future. The happiest people are the people that live in their future. Give people a stable future and they will buy into the vision. Friend, no matter how called you may be, no matter how true your vision may be, if it does not provide the people with a future of happiness and stability it will not be effective.

I have learnt this and that is one of the reasons why all my messages are centred on Christ removing burdens and destroying yokes in the lives of people in order to provide for them the future of their dreams. A future that is full of happiness and stability. The vision of this ministry takes you into your own wealthy place in God. It includes you in the scheme of things. You are a participant, not an onlooker. We are together working with God through this vision to remove burdens and destroy yokes that are holding people back from the best that God has for them. And together we become burden removers and yoke destroyers like Christ. I see you becoming a force to reckon with as you walk in the reality of this vision. I see you rise to become a deliverer of people in Jesus’ mighty name. I see God count on you to expand the impact of this vision in your field of endeavour in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Finally, please be aware that it is knowledge acted upon that brings results. So rise up and apply this understanding in your area of life and see God surprise you.

For Further Study

John 20:21; Hebrews 12:2

Personal declaration for the day


I daily grow and develop good qualities to realise my vision.

Questions for you to reflect on

Have you developed certain qualities to make your vision effective?

In the final analysis of your vision will the people experience happiness and a stable life?