Bible Steps to decision making

Proverbs 3:5, Commit your ways unto the Lord and he will establish your thoughts.

Decision making is an integral part of our daily lives. There are small and big decisions. The small ones include what to eat, wear, where to visit while the big decisions include your choice of spiritual inclination (to serve God or not to), marriage partner, career, where to live, your confidants and your legacy. While your decisions on small issues are important, it is your decision on the big issues that determine the landscape and colour of your entire life. Friends if you choose the wrong person to marry or make the wrong career move; it might be the beginning of sorrows and an abrupt end to a life full of promises, but that will not be your portion in Jesus name. To prevent that situation you need to have a quality decision making strategy in place, the following steps will help you navigate around the sharp bends of life.

Ask and receive God’s direction in prayer

Form your goal or identify your expected outcome on the basis of the inspiration you got in prayer

Carry out a detailed research on what it entails to achieve it and its highs and lows

Learn from those that have achieved it before you and weigh their answers through the help of the Holy Spirit .

Nobody is self-made we are all products of influences. Put great value on consultation with those ahead of you who have the results you are looking forward to producing. While the path and pattern may not necessarily be same, you can still glean from their experience and do some fine-tuning.

Furthermore you can learn from their mistakes to prevent yours. Please note, I did not mean you should throw caution to the wind while listening to experts and those ahead of you. The knowledge you gain from them is not what really turns to result but the way you apply it to your circumstances. That is where the help of the Holy Spirit comes in. You have to ask Him to help you on how to utilise the information and make it applicable to the decision you are to make.


For Further Study

Isaiah 28:10, Acts 15:28, Luke 14: 28 , Habakkuk 2:2-3


Personal declaration for the day

I will make the right decisions.


Questions for you to reflect on

What are your goals this year?

How did you generate your goals

How are you going about trying to achieve them?